Deeb MacDonald & Associates, L.L.C. is lead by J. Peter Deeb (photo, right). Mr. Deeb is a veteran of the consumer package goods industry, having experienced numerous senior management positions with large successful global companies. Founding partner Craig C. MacDonald (photo, left) brought similar experience to the original management team.".

Years of experience and contacts provide a solid business management foundation: industry and business operational knowledge, sales management and related capabilities, leadership skills and general management responsibility across North America and globally.

J. Peter Deeb is a founding partner of Deeb MacDonald & Associates, L.L.C., a provider of professional consulting services for the consumer package goods industry. Mr. Deeb’s role as managing partner encompasses all areas of the company including management, business development, and execution of client’s projects.

Prior to the formation of Deeb MacDonald & Associates, L.L.C., Mr. Deeb worked for several Unilever companies and Sorrento Lactalis for over 30 years. His senior management positions covered diverse areas of sales, marketing and general management.

Mr. Deeb held several senior management positions at T.J. Lipton Inc., Unilever Foods and Sorrento Lactalis Inc. Key positions held include:

  • Vice President and General Manager- Sorrento Lactalis Inc.
  • Vice President of Sales – Unilever Foods
  • Vice President of Trade Marketing-Unilever Foods
  • Director of Sales – T.J. Lipton Inc.
  • Director of Trade Marketing- T. J. Lipton Inc.
  • Director of Consumer Marketing- T.J. Lipton Inc
  • National Sales Training Manager- T. J. Lipton Inc.

Industry involvement includes serving on the T. J. Lipton ECR committee, industry studies for GMA and FMI and serving on the Board of Directors of the Food Industry Alliance of New York State. Mr. Deeb received his B.S. degree from Duquesne University and was selected to participate in Unilever’s International Executive Training Program Courses that included sales, marketing, finance and general management.

Mr. Deeb maintains his office in Williamsburg, VA.

Craig C. MacDonald was a founding partner of Deeb MacDonald & Associates, L.L.C., a provider of professional consulting services for the consumer package goods industry. Sadly, Mr. MacDonald passed away on April 23rd, 2004.

Tom Aquilina, President, Aquilina & Associates, Inc. is a senior executive with over 30 years of experience in the consumer package goods industry, and President of Aquilina & Associates, Inc., a sales and marketing consulting firm. He has a proven track record in marketing, field sales and business development initiatives. Aquilina & Associates, Inc. provides leadership, insights and solutions for their diverse client base. Companies such as Motorola, Baxter Healthcare, Quebec Ministries, IFCO Systems, Topco, and Swedish Match.

Prior to Aquilina & Associates, Inc. Tom also held senior management positions with Western Family Foods, Nabisco and The NutraSweet Company.

Tom serves on a number of steering committees for the food industry and facilitates workshops and industry roundtable discussions for a broad range of trade associates.

Tom is professor at St. Joseph’s University Master Program (course: Private Label Sales and Marketing Strategies.) He serves on the following boards:Senior Services Advisory and Board of Directors, McHenry County Education to Career Consortium.

Tom obtained a Business Administration degree from San Jose State in 1971 and also graduated from the University of Southern California Food Marketing Management workshop in 1978.

Gary Doyle specializes in the development and execution of Go to Market Strategies with particular focus on Customer Development, Marketing, Organizational and Leadership Development and Sales and Distribution.

Before entering the consulting arena Gary led Customer Development and Sales and Distribution organizations for Unilever in Asia and North America while filling a key role as a member of the Board of Directors of Unilever Ice Cream-North America. He was a member of Unilever’s Global Customer Development team, and led development of Unilever’s Sales and Marketing Information Systems.

In consumer packaged goods he has worked with Bristol-Myers Squibb, Devine Foods Inc., Kan-Pak, and RQA while continuing to consult for Unilever in China and Australia as well as the United States. On the retail side he is working with HaoJiaXian LLC in Western China.

JD Lewis & Clark’s Northwestern School of Law
BS Sociology, University of Oregon



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